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Podcast 02 05 13

Woop! It's a podcast, large and in charge

Podcast 14 03 13

MidMarch Midnight Mashup Madness!

Podacast 07 03 13

Norwich Radio at its very best ;-)

Bow Legged News

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Midnight Mass Up!

Join us live at 11pm for the Christmas Spectacular! A Super special 3 hour show, with Tinsel, Balls and bells on! Midnight Mass up will be held at er... midnight, and you will have not one but TWO bona fide ordained ministers taking you their yuletide sacks of musical merryness!

Dickman EP1 (Pilot) Whats under the trap door?

Well like it or not, we did it anyway. Here is episode one in the exciting new adventures of Dickman and his unusual friends.

Paul’s away, yet the lads will play.

Manning the fort we have the Dinner Daddy, Pushkins and King Raam himself.  Word has it they’ve brought enough musical supplies behind the walls to survive a two hour siege.  See you at Midnite, Future Radio 107.8fm.… Read the rest

Podcast 19-11-12 3 and a haf hours of Mash!

Here it is, a supersized podacast full of fun and frolics. Enjoy!

GET IT HERE – MASH. 3 and a half hours of it!

How do Mash fans?   Due to someone having automobile issues the Mashup is presentng three hours of pleasure, now broadcastng at http://www.futureradio.co.uk/Future.m3u and live on our site – www.midnightmashup.co.uk.   Join the fun! Pip pip!… Read the rest « Previous Entries